Custom Hatchery Management Training

Custom Hatchery Management Training

Petersime sets up several Hatchery Management Trainings per year for hatchery managers and their assistants who already have some experience with incubators and the hatchery workflow, and who want to maximize their hatchery’s results. This time, the training was tailor-made on request to give the Technical and Sales Managers of Aviagen Central and Eastern Europe an extensive basic knowledge and skills in incubation.

The two-day training took place in Ghent and in the Customer Centre of incubator manufacturer Petersime, in Belgium. Especially for Aviagen Eastern Europe, following programme was composed:

  • Points of attention during the pre-incubation phase
  • How to maintain the optimal cellular levels during prolonged storage
  • The requirements of the embryo
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling: how to perform the preventive maintenance, what are the most important factors in HVAC, which different systems are best
  • The detection of the hatching triggers
  • A hatch troubleshooting session, where participants analysed different case studies using movies and pictures
  • An advanced hatch break-out session where was learned to correctly analyse and interpret the results. After a demonstration, all the people from Aviagen performed their own break-outs

“Our Tech and Sales managers often visit customers, so they are the first to be called upon by customers when there is a problem. They support our customers in raising their parent stock. They are asked questions about diverse topics: disinfection and fumigation, egg handling, chick quality, nutrition, and also incubation… It is imperative they master the fundamentals of hatchery management, so they can bring the results of our customers to the next level. That is why we asked for a customized training for our Tech and Sales managers,” explains Marcel Janssen, Regional Technical Manager Eastern Europe & CIS at Aviagen.

Csaba Horvarth, Technical Manager at Aviagen KFT, nods: “Some customers cannot fall back on their incubator manufacturer, because the manufacturer is no longer in business. Then they come to us with their questions. Aviagen has a team of incubation specialists we can consult, but anyway, it is much handier that we can solve most of the problems of our clients ourselves, since we – as Tech and Sales teams – keep regularly in touch with our...

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