Control your tunnel fans and saving energy

Control your tunnel fans and saving energy

Revolutionary reduction in electrical usage with OPTICON ORU-30

Energy consumption is a large part of the cost to run your farm today. Therefor new types of fans are introduced. With a new motor technology designed for high performance and low energy consumption.
To control these new type of fans, Opticon offers the ORU-30. This is an universal intelligent interface to control fans in several modes.
One mode is the airflow and efficiency option.
In this mode, the variable speed fans will make use of their full speed range and spend more hours in “the sweet spot” of high efficiency.
The ORU-30 receives the control signal from the Opticon MCC-10 climat computer.

How does it...

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Herman Fleuren

Herman Fleuren


OPTICON AGRI SYSTEMS is a world-class pig and poultry production equipment manufacturer offering complete innovative solutions for feed systems, feed storage and delivery, watering systems, ventilation and controls, heaters, nesting, and more. Opticon is focused on meeting the ever changing needs of the pig and poultry industry with a complete line of reliable production equipment that's easy to install and maintain.

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