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Comparison of Arbocel and MEXIDO feed dietary fiber of JOINSHA


Today,we do a comparison of MEXIDO feed dietary fiber and another fibrous cellulose additive called Arbocel.As shown in the form above,please kindly note below differences:

1. different source of raw materials:

Arbocel is 100% from wood, but MEXIDO is from assorted plant fibers.

2. different ingredients:

1)Arbocel is of wood fiber, there is no water soluble fibers inside.

2)However, MEXIDO contains both water soluble fiber and insoluble fibers in certain scientific ratio, the total dietary fiber is above 75%, and the water soluble fiber occupies 30% of the total dietary fiber. the water soluble fiber can be fermented in the intestinal tract, which can well contribute to animal intestinal health.

 3.  Lignin plays A negative role for animal...

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