Century ZHENG CHANG, the best partner always be with you

2018 is the year of ZhengChang 100th anniversary. In order to welcome the important historical moment and strengthen the communication in the industry, Shanghai ZhengChang international formally kicked off the centennial celebration on October 15, 2018. More than 100 important customers and agents from all over the world gathered together to celebrate the centenary of ZhengChang.


Signing wall with ZhengChang leadership and customers


The host gave a speech of welcome: Century ZhengChang, the best partner always be with you! Thank you, for always staying with us! 


It is a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. Here, we have many loyal customers with many years of cooperation, and new partners in the industry, agents from all over the world, and new friends who look forward to a bright future together with ZhengChang.


Introduction of each branch of ZhengChang Group: Shanghai Zheng Chang International, Grain Engineering, Feed Science Company, Electrical Company, Die Company. 


In order to thank the customers for their trust and support for ZhengChang products and services, and to thank the agents for their efforts, we presented the best strategic partner award, the best customer award, the most valuable agent award, the best agent award, the dedication award. In the future, we will continue to work together.


Strategic cooperation agreement signing
10 customers decided to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with ZhengChang to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. For ZhengChang, it is a surprise and a centennial gift from these clients.


Shanghai ZhengChang development department: we can work together to develop more valuable products. 


SinoSure introduced the export credit insurance and financing in China for these customers who have cooperation with Chinese companies.


In order to express our thanks to the customers coming from afar, ZhengChang prepared the gift glass chicken to customers. Colored glaze is sparkling and glittering, chicken represents “Lucky” in chinese.


Sumptuous dinner, touching songs, passionate dancing, ZhengChang enjoyed this wonderful evening with customers coming from afar. Thanks you, for always staying with us.


The Century Zhengchang, The Century Seeking, The Century Striving, The Century of...

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