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Century ZHENG CHANG in VICTAM International 2019


From 12 to 14 June, VICTAM International 2019 was held in Cologne, Germany. VICTAM International is by far the world’s largest dedicated event for the animal feed, pet food and aquatic feed processing industries, highly concerned by feed industry all over the world.


As the manufacturer of the first and largest pellet mill in China, ZHENG CHANG came on the stage with its pellet mill, hammer mill and aquatic feed extruder.


                                          SZLH858 Livestock & Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

65% of Chinese animal feed manufacturers and 6800 global feed companies are using ZHENG CHANG equipment now. On the basis of the acquisition of the granulating factory in China invested by CPM, ZHENG CHANG equipment has made greater breakthroughs not only in appearance but also in functional quality, material quality, heat treatment and service life of wearing parts, and the maturation is more reliable.


                                                SFSP138×75F Champion Hammer Mill

Won the first national patent in the industry. The patented design uses high-quality alloy hammer, the crushing efficiency is improved by 30%, grinding fineness and uniformity are improved by more than 30%, the temperature of crushed materials drops 0.5℃. The multi-cavity design of the grinding chamber makes the wear more uniform and improves the service life of the wearing parts. 


                                         SPHS130X2 Double-screw Aquatic Feed Extruder

Precise and unique double-screw structure increases oil content up to 22%. Advanced hole layout technology and die hole structure, PLC Touch Screen Technology. Produce 100% floating feed and 100% sinking feed only with a kind of screw.


ZHENG CHANG feed machinery attracted numerous people to stop and watch


ZHENG CHANG elite team was communicating with customers

On the exhibition site, two companies signed the order with ZhengChang to carry...

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