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Century-old ZHENG CHANG in VIV Asia 2019


From March 13 to March 15, 2019, VIV Asia 2019 was held in Bangkok, Thailand. As the bellwether of Asian animal husbandry industry, VIV Asia covers the whole industry chain of multi-species and attracts worldwide attention. In this industry event, ZhengChang came on the stage with its wood pellet mill and automatic microelement batching scale.

One hundred years of smooth operation hinges on stability. Whereas, innovation is the engine for further development. 


As China's first and largest pellet mill manufacturer, ZhengChang has been adhering to the principle of pursuing industry leadership, constantly innovating, researching and developing advanced products to create greater value for customers. At the event of VIV Asia 2019, ZhengChang exhibited the latest wood pellet mill with large output, new model automatic microelement batching scale.


ZhengChang latest wood pellet mill MZLH858 uses advanced design and technology, with largest output of 4.5t/h.

1. The main shaft system uses double support structure without shake to offer more extrusion force from ring die.
2. High gear transmission efficiency, large transmission torque, large roller friction, production is increased by 15%.
3. Ring die and roller use high strength forgings, automatic gun-drill drilling and vacuum heat treatment. The ring die service time﹥500 hours.
4. Easily operated control cabinets. Pellet mill automatic control system is connected to central control room.
5. Pellet mill can be used for wood and straw, which is applicable for all kinds of biomass materials. When producing straw, the pellet mill is equipped with three-roller anti-block screw conveyer.


Precise batching, quality traceability, production efficiency and labor saving.

1. Siemens PLC is used in the system, and remote maintenance interface is reserved.
2. Precise control system of batching, ensure the quality of feed.
3. The system has bin capacity display and bin capacity management functions.
4. The feeding inlet is equipped with pneumatic lock and bar code scanning feeding to prevent misfeeding of raw materials.
5. The feeding inlet is equipped with dust removal interface to reduce dust leakage.
6. Belt type conveyer makes the material conveying process smooth and improves the batching accuracy.


On the exhibition site, ZhengChang automatic microelement batching scale attracted numerous people to watch.


During the exhibition, ZhengChang participated in the seminar of Build...

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