Century-old ZHENG CHANG in VICTAM ASIA 2018

From 27 to 29 March, VICTAM ASIA 2018 was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Century-old ZHENG CHANG came on the stage with its wood pellet mill, aquatic feed extruder, piglet extruder, vacuum coating mixer.
2018 is the year of ZHENG CHANG’s hundred years. To further preheat the centennial celebration, demonstrate the tremendous strength, in return for the long-term support of the loyal customers, we held a series of activities at the exhibition site like signing discounts and lucky draw activities, with lively atmosphere and constant climax.




MZLH 858 Wood Pellet Mill (output 3.5-4t/h)
The main shaft system uses double support structure without shake to offer more extrusion force from ring die.
Control device of ring die and roller is external to realize gap adjustment without stop-working.
High gear transmission efficiency, large transmission torque, large roller friction, production is increased by 15%.
Easily operated control cabinets. Pellet mill automatic control system is connected to central control room.


SPHS 268F Aquatic Feed Extruder (output 10-20t/h)
A new type of conditioner has been equipped to make the final feed maturing degree and uniformity better than the traditional ways.
Use a kind of general-purpose equipment to produce floating feed and sinkable feed according to the demands.


SPZL338 Piglet Extruder (output 10-16t/h)
Used for producing 7-21days high-grade piglet feed.
Medium?temperature?+ low temperature granulating process keep the activity of the functional material in raw materials, and realize the value of nutritionist formula.


Vacuum coating mixer (output 4-7t/h)
Two bevel gear reducers drive two rotors respectively with high driving efficiency.
Multi-channel sprayers make good atomization effect. Easy to dismantle and maintain sprayers.
Two kinds of liquid can be added into aquatic and pet feed with a ratio of 1%-30%, powder is also available for adding.


ZHENG CHANG elite team was communicating with customers



Taking photos with ZHENG CHANG History Wall


The handwriting wishes to ZHENG CHANG 


On March 29th, the three-day exhibition officially ended. We learned a lot during the short days. Through the onsite communication, we have a deeper understanding of the feed industry. At the same time, it makes more professionals observe ZHENG CHANG’s equipment intuitively, learn our advanced feed technology, and further highly recognize ZHENG CHANG Group.
The participation in VICTAM is another stop of ZHENG CHANG's campaign to promote the century history in 2018, and more exciting activities will be carried out in the next days. Look forward to the participation of people from various industries, 
2018 is an end of ZHENG CHANG with century’s struggle history. During this period,
comprehensive strength and influence of ZHENG CHANG have grown big and strong from being small and weak, which...

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