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Carob powder: An healthy ingredient with chocolate flavor ?

Carob powder: An healthy ingredient with chocolate flavor ?

Have you ever think that an ingredient as delicious as chocolate was so healthy?

Chemical and dietetical characteristics of carob suggest it as a valuable ingredient in animal diets. 

The use of carob enables the following advantages:

a) it has an high content in sugested and it could substitute those ingredients rich in energy such as dextrosa;

b) it is well appetitive and could be used to improve the appetibility of mashes rich in undesirable ingedients for animals; as the antibiotics

c) characteristics of the non digested rfraction could modify the availability of nutrients;

d) it has an undiarrhoic effect and that is a very important effect on specific animals as piglet and weaning calf;

e) it improves the quality of pellets,...

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