Build the first TMR sheep feed factory for Huiyuan

ZHENG CHANG and Huiyuan Sheep have formally signed a cooperative agreement to build the first TMR(Total Mixed Rations) sheep feed factory for Huiyuan. The factory consists of two 508 production lines, which can produce TMR ruminant particles, biomass ruminant particles, fine feed particles, fine powder feed and so on, representing the most advanced sheep feed processing level in China at present.


Huiyuan Sheep, affiliated to the Huiyuan Group, is a modern sheep enterprise, which integrates forage planting, sheep breeding, slaughtering and processing, cold chain logistics and technology.


The traditional feeding ways of sheep breeding farms are mostly separate feeding of coarse and fine feed, or mixed feeding of TMR machine. Separate feeding of coarse and fine feed is not in accordance with the ruminant digestion characteristics of sheep, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of sheep. The efficiency of mixed feeding of the TMR machine is low, the health cannot be guaranteed and the waste is excessive. The two ways of feeding are difficult to achieve large-scale and automated production, and have always been a problem for ruminant breeding enterprises. Huiyuan has rich experience in feeding. At the beginning of the project, it is clear that the sheep feed should realize the high standard of TMR, and overcome the disadvantages of traditional feeding.


Over the past year, Huiyuan has carried out inspection and analysis on several well-known feed machinery enterprises in China. With more than 20 years of experience in pasture processing and many domestic TMR projects, ZHENG CHANG finally gained the chance to build the production line for Huiyuan.


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