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Bright prospects for Asian poultry market

Bright prospects for Asian poultry market

It is commonly known that Asia has been in recent years, and still is a strong driver in poultry production and consumption.  Yet there are different patterns and trends between countries in that region. Rupert Claxton from food market research consultancy Girafood, reviews both the world and the Asian animal protein market. 

Written by Mr. Ad Bal for VIV online.

Last September the 2nd semester conference of the International Poultry Council (IPC) was held in Nanjing, China. This event took place concurrently with the VIV China feed-to-food tradeshow. During the IPC meeting, a strong focus was put on trends in the Asian animal protein market. In this context, a clear market insight was given by Rupert Claxton.


Starting with a quick look at the global market, Claxton showed to the IPC members that both fish and meat consumption are growing steadily. Fish consumption however, is increasing somewhat more than meat (2.5 vs 1.9 percent annually).

Within the meat sector, poultry is expected to count for about 118 million tons CWE for this year, whereas 116 million tons CWE held true for last year. This was similar to 2016, which was due to a decline in the Chinese market, caused by an ongoing negative press around chicken. First HPAI, then the OSI food safety scandal, followed by H7N9 (including human mortality).


Poultry and pork are by far the strongest drivers globally, both with a comparable share in recent years of close to 37 percent.  According to Claxton, 2022 forecast will be in favour of poultry and at the expense of pork market share, although volumes of both will increase. Total world consumption is expected to rise with about 1.7 percent in 2022. ...

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