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Breakthrough in the Limitation of Probiotic Pelleting for Aquatic Animals

Breakthrough in the Limitation of Probiotic Pelleting for Aquatic Animals

Innovative animal feed additives for Aquatic Animals

As not every bacterial strain is suitable for aquatic animals, the probiotics in application in the fisheries require overcoming greater and stricter challenges compared to those for terrestrial animals. In order to pass the baseline requirements and become an aquatic probiotic, the strain needs to be able to survive under high salt, great temperature fluctuation, dissolved oxygen variation and other conditions. Furthermore, it needs to be able to endure the host’s gastric acid and bile salt, and to be able to adhere to the intestinal tract in order to be considered. It also needs to pass the field trials and toxicity test to ensure its beneficial effect. It is only through such complicated strain selection processes that the precious aquatic probiotic can be obtained. SYNBIO TECH INC. has specially developed SYNSEA™, a probiotic for aquatic use. The patent bacterial strain PP4012 can inhibit the Pasteurella multocida and the EMS related vibrio. Additionally, it has also been acknowledged by means of passing the patent recognition and international journal publications.

 In an experiment applying it to white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), groups were divided into a control group and a SYNSEA™ group for 5 months. The feed...

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