Best Video Conferencing Software Quadrant Score of 2020 Announced by 360Quadrants

Video conferencing software helps in hosting live video conferences between two or more participants located in different locations. Video conferencing can be conducted with the help of computer networks. Video conferencing enables businesses to operate efficiently by allowing teams to work from home and is also considered to be a more effective means of communication than emails and phone calls.

Major benefits of using a video conferencing software

Digital Workforce

Video conferencing software plays a vital role in facilitating the digital workforce. Video-based meetings enable teams in maintaining real like connections, without the physical presence.

Enhanced Communication

Video conferencing provides a fast and secure way to communicate with team members.

Time and Cost-effective

The most familiar benefit of using a video conferencing software is reduced commute time and expenditure. The software provides professionals with the ability to address client issues or attend meetings without having to leave their respective location.

Improved Attendance

Video conferencing software is useful to record attendance of team players when working from home. The software also offers video recording features, which help the team members in retrieving the data without any delays.

Increased Productivity

Video conferencing software helps increase productivity, as it improves communications. As per a recent survey,over 90% of video conferencing software users stated that video conferencing software boosts productivity.

360 Quadrants Scoring Methodology

The top companies in the best Video Conferencing Software market will be rated using the following methodology:

  1. A highly experienced team of researchers and senior analysts conducts extensive research to generate a list of vendors (competitors).
  2. A patent-pending algorithm is used to collect inputs from key stakeholders—industry experts, buyers, vendors, and 360 Quadrants analysts—based on criteria for Strength of Product Portfolio and Business Strategy Excellence.
    1. Criteria under Strength of Product Portfolio include breadth and depth of product/service offering, product features and functionalities, product differentiation, and their impact on customer value.
    2. Criteria under Business Strategy Excellence include geographical footprint, partner ecosystem, financial stability, and client coverage or sector footprint.
  3. Approximately 90+ in-depth parameters will be considered for research into the best Video Conferencing Software These parameters will be updated every six months to ensure the latest developments are taken...

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