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Bangkok Ranch Group in touch of the world

Bangkok Ranch Group in touch of the world

Roasted duck and processed duck meat are popular in Asia. Thailand based duck meat producer Bangkok Ranch Group is a strong player in this field. They expect substantial growth in duck meat consumption and aim to expand with their new own operations, particularly in the EU. Also they are focusing on other markets, like in Eastern Europe and Australia. 

With a market share of close to 50 percent, Bangkok Ranch Group (BR) is by far the biggest duck meat producer in Thailand. “Our company started about 30 years ago as a privately owned business, whereas nowadays it is a public company”, says managing director Joseph Suchaovanich. “Currently, we are producing fresh and frozen products for the domestic market and exporting cooked duck meat products to about 20 countries in Asia and Europe. In The Netherlands, we are a major stakeholder in the Tomassen duck company. “

The BR operations are fully-integrated with their own feed mill, breeder farms, growing farms and processing plants.  BR is using modern technology with high hygiene and quality control standards. They raise Pekin duck only. Grandparent stock is imported from European duck breeders Cherry Valley and Grimaud Frères. This enables the company to produce and keep parent stock on their own breeding farms. BR is running 10 breeder farms on different locations, thus spreading the risk of a disease outbreak. They have 2 hatcheries from which they supply commercial ducklings to their own grower farms and to around 800 commercial, third party contract growing...

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