Animal nutrition industry stands together

Animal nutrition industry stands together

In these changeful days, feed and nutrition companies all over the globe are equally facing restrictions and insecurities connected with the battle against the virus. And they all are united in one thing: their measures and their mission to halt the spread of infection while securing the supply of needed goods for their customers.

A Germany-based manufacturer and supplier of feed additives is Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition. The middle-sized company had taken on measures very early to ensure that employees and their families, the company and society as a whole were protected from harm in the best possible way.

Among these measures were the separation of the logistics, production and administration areas in consultation with the German public health department. Employees from the one area do no longer mix or even meet with the other, not even during breaks or in carpooling (Dr. Eckel’s has a car pool for employees to commute to work together). The reason for this is, of course, to ensure that these areas have no contact with each other and so to minimize the risk for every employee and to prevent the closure of one area in the event of an infection in the other. Under these conditions, both production and administration at Dr. Eckel are still up and running and will continue to do so.

In administration, only a third of staff is working at the office for now. In terms of mobile working structures, Dr. Eckel had already been practicing this for long in all departments and teams. Thus the step to let most employees stay at home and work from there was very easily made and the company is well prepared even if further restrictions of movements should become necessary.

Production is now running in two shifts which do not overlap and are operated by two separate...

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Anne-Kathrin Blässe

Anne-Kathrin Blässe

Team Manager Marketing, Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG

Anne-Kathrin Blässe, who holds a doctorate in biology and is a rabbit-breeding expert, first started working in Product Management in 2012. She soon joined our Marketing Department, and now manages the marketing team. Trade fairs and events are her speciality. She is the creative force behind our popular giveaways and marketing campaigns.

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