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Algeria 60T/H Livestock and Poultry Feed Project


In August 2018, the 60 t/h livestock and poultry feed project in Algeria, undertaken by ZHENG CHANG, was officially completed and put into operation after installation and commissioning. So far, the production line runs smoothly, and is highly praised by customers for its high efficiency, low consumption and safety.


ZHENG CHANG, as a complete system solution provider with a strong sense of responsibility and capability, has undertaken more than 3,000 high-quality feed projects for domestic and foreign customers. The Algerian feed project, which includes three pelleting production lines and 8,000 tons of silos, is one of the largest livestock and poultry feed projects in North Africa.


The whole set of equipment has made greater breakthroughs in function, material quality and service life of vulnerable parts, with advanced structure, stable operation and high degree of automation.


Lack of skilled installation team is a major difficulty in the whole project. Therefore, ZHENG CHANG arranged engineers and installation team from home to work with local workers to overcome difficulties, ensuring the installation quality. Customers showed their high recognition to both party's cooperation and awarded medals to our engineers, to express thanks for product quality, service quality,...

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