Advancing Africa’s poultry outcomes through collaboration

Advancing Africa’s poultry outcomes through collaboration

Hendrix Genetics has entered and invested in a partnership that will advance R&D and overall excellence in the industry throughout the continent. 

CERSA (Centre d’Excellence Régional sur les Sciences Aviaires) and Hendrix Genetics are working towards unlocking African agricultural potential with a new collaborative project. At the end of 2017, a partnership was signed with CERSA in the Togolese capital of Lomé. CERSA is one of the six agricultural centers of excellence in Africa. Hendrix Genetics supplied one-day old layer chicks from three different genetic lines for research as well as made a financial contribution to advance the poultry industry throughout the continent. 

The poultry industry, particularly laying hens, is fairly unique in the world. It is one of the few protein sources that are universal to all regions. The versatility of laying hens to produce affordable and convenient protein in the form of eggs and meat has fueled its popularity. This presents great opportunities as well as challenges, as products are adapted and optimized for different environments and management systems. 


Africa is full of agricultural potential as it is rapidly developing with a young population that is also the fastest growing in the world. According to UN...

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Marcel Huijsmans

Marcel Huijsmans

Director Marketing & Communications, Hendrix Genetics

The world of agriculture is fascinating and changing rapidly. As a marketeer it is an exciting industry to be part of and to help facilitate change to ensure we can and will produce enough food to feed the world in a sustainable manner.

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