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Advanced Technical Training in Aquaculture 2019

Recently, nearly 100 overseas students from Vietnam, South Korea, Pakistan, Norway, Ghana, Argentina, Laos, Belgium, Norway, etc., gathered at the headquarters of ZHENG CHANG Group, starting the 12th Advanced Technical Training Course in Aquaculture 2019.


ZHENG CHANG expert team tailored the course plan for the students. They have systematically learned the professional courses of aquatic equipment structure, function of each component, process of project production line, and theoretical courses of aquatic equipment operation norms and operation principles, to expand the knowledge comprehensively.


The engineer explained the development trend of global aquatic industry, the demand status of international aquatic market, professional aquatic equipment and engineering, and the management and operation methods of aquatic factories in detail for the students, and won unanimous praise from them.


During the training course, the students actively asked questions about technology, process and equipment. ZHENG CHANG expert team patiently answered them one by one and gave vivid examples so that the students could have a deeper understanding of aquatic expertise.

At the end of the training, a student from Vietnam said: “This is a valuable training, I have a new understanding of aquaculture technology and engineering equipment, I will actively transform the knowledge into my own wealth and apply it to my work. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the leaders and employees of ZHENG CHANG Group who carefully prepared this training.”


In recent years, ZHENG CHANG has been constantly focusing on international market demand, not only providing high...

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