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Advanced processing at VIV Turkey 2019

At VIV Turkey, taking place in Istanbul from June 13 to 15, Marel Poultry will focus on two of its latest highlights, ATLAS live bird handling and AMF-i breast cap filleting. Both solutions will be on display at the booth, available for visitors to touch and feel, illustrating how Marel Poultry advances food processing.  

During VIV Turkey, Marel Poultry will exhibit the SmartStack transport module, the most important component of the ATLAS live bird handling system. It has countless revolutionary characteristics, all of them advancing efficiency, sustainability and animal well-being. First of all, the bottom tray doubles as a pallet, into which extra birds can be loaded. Thanks to this ingenious design, loading capacity can increase up to 38%, compared to other systems, which means fewer truck movements and less CO2 emission. At the same time, more space is available per bird: thanks to the tier height of 27cm, broilers benefit from the largest headroom in the industry. The SmartStack module not only provides sliding floors with hygienic Airflo principle, but also features removable side-panels to take out birds in distress.



Marel Poultry’s AMF-i system stands for intelligent automated breast cap filleting. To make life easier for poultry processors,...

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