Above Ground Pools Market, Historical Data & Current Growth and Trends

Market Scope

MRFR (  Market Research Future) expects the above ground pools market to procure a growth rate of 4.95% between 2020 and 2026 (review period). It is also likely that the Above ground pools market size will touch USD 3,646.31 Million by 2026.

Top Boosters and Deterrents

Above ground pools are easy to repair, quick to remove, and facilitate low-cost of maintaining compared to inground pools. The fact that they cost extremely low in comparison with traditional pools and also do not require much space works in their favor, as they are increasingly being installed by homeowners in their back yards. Plus, since above ground pools are at a higher level from the ground, they are safe for pets and children, which also adds to their appeal among consumers.

Kid’s pool has become one of the most popular segments in the market, with more and more children learning to swim. Swimming helps the kids maintain in a good physical as well as mental health. The global market is further bolstered by the large-scale urbanization worldwide, which is encouraging the preference for high-quality and modern infrastructures in residential and commercial spaces. The construction industry is focused on upgrading the existing infrastructures, especially in developed countries, while the emerging countries are striving to develop new buildings. Hence, the significant rise in the rate of urbanization across the globe is touted to be a major growth booster in the following years.

Companies are increasingly adopting competitive strategies such as expansions, R&D and partnerships to improve their market ranking. Reasonable pricing and appealing features are the primary aspects based on which the players are competing among themselves while trying to gain more customers worldwide.

Renowned Firms

The companies that are active in the global market for above ground pools are TRIGANO JARDIN (France), Fitmax Inc. (US), Aqua Leader (Canada), Wilbar International, Inc. (US), Intex Recreation Corp. (US), Atlantic Pool Products. (Canada), Torrente Industrial (Spain), Doughboy Pools (US), Starmatrix Group Inc. (China), Mountfield a.s. (Czech Republic), Splash SuperPools, Ltd (US), Cornelius (US), Arcana Pool Systems GmbH (Austria), Bestway Global Holding Inc. (Hongkong), Waterman GmbH (Germany), Fluidra S.A (Australia)

Market Segmentation

Types of above ground pools are aluminum pools, hybrid pools, wooden pools, steel pools, resin pools, and others. Hybrid pools are gathering momentum across the world, as these offer numerous advantages including requiring smaller footprint compared to other types of pools. These are also easy to install and are therefore, homeowners are increasingly opting for hybrid pools.

Shapes in which above ground pools...

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