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A unique solution to secure your piglets production

A unique solution to secure your piglets production

For many years, Wisium has developed its expertise on litter management throughout a unique solution, PURlite. PURlite is a blend of vegetal and mineral raw materials with absorbent, cleaning and non-irritating properties. With powerful drying and odour binding effects, PURlite plays a major role in environmental management of sows and their litter.

In swine production, moisture and wet litter are problematics which have to be well managed. Wet bedding and floor are not only uncomfortable for the animals, but also provide ideal environment for pathogens growth. Increased bacterial pressure and ammonia production can be harmful for sows and piglets and lead to performances and economical losses.

Thanks to its powerful drying effect, PURlite reduces moisture which is linked to bacterial growth and low sanitary condition. This action allows PURlite to provide more comfortable condition and to reduce risks of infections and diseases.

Moreover, as a result of genetic improvement in sows, more and more large litters are observed. However, large litter also leads to a...

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