A Safe and Efficient Feed Production Line Built in Egypt

In February 2018, the latest livestock and poultry feed project in Egypt constructed by ZHENG CHANG was successfully completed and put into operation. From the early communication to later construction, ZHENG CHANG always adhere to the principle "creating value for the customer", to solve customers' problems fundamentally, and to create a production line for harvest and happiness.
The project is in Beni Suef, Egypt with an output up to 10t/h. The main equipments used are SZLH420D pellet mill, SFSP112 x 38E hammer mill, SLHY2.5 mixer, SKLN4 cooler and so on.

SZLH420 Pellet Mill


Capacity up to 5-15t/h.
The conditioning time is increased to improve the maturing degree of feed.
Corrosion resistance and long service time.

SFSP112 x 38E hammer mill


Applicable for various pellets like corn, broomcorn, beam, wheat, crushed cakes, etc.
Multi-cavity for grinding, efficiency increased by 30%.
Several sets of shear plates enhance shearing force. 

SLHY2.5 Mixer


Moderate mixing, high uniformity, no segregation.
Short mixing cycle, fast discharging, and small residual amount.
The two-way spiral belt rotor is made of high quality alloy steel, and the rotor is equipped with a circular ring cleaning device.
Smooth transmission and abrasion, convenient maintenance.
Several atomized nozzles can be equipped to add the liquid.

SKLN4 Cooler


Mainly applicable to a variety of particle material’s cooling.
Use countercurrent cooling principle, full cooling and high uniformity.
The temperature of pellets after cooling is not higher than 3-5℃ at room temperature.


During the whole construction process, ZHENG CHANG actively communicated with customers and attached great importance to customer’s problems. For the part of electric control components’ loss of electric cabinet, our staff actively checked the on-site situation during the installation period, to coordinate and confirm it. We completed the purchase of all the electronic components in time, and fed back the latest process to customers, ensuring the successful completion of the debugging work in February. 

The cooperation between two sides is highly recognized by our customer. They expressed the sincere thanks for the...

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