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A big turnout for the first OX Days about turkey incubation

Petersime organized the first special edition of the Operational Excellence Days with a focus on turkey incubation. No less than 70 turkey hatchery specialists from 22 different countries flocked together at Petersime’s home base in Belgium on November 8th and 9th, 2018.


Turkey incubation is an art of its own and standard poultry conferences often lack depth for turkey specialists. For this reason, we decided to carve out a niche for them and dedicated this special edition of our Operational Excellence Days to turkeys only. With success.

Turkeys are different from chickens in many aspects. Does this make it more challenging? Incubation Consultant Asher Lugassi from Germany had no doubt about it: “Incubating turkeys is much more fun than broilers because it’s more difficult. It’s a real challenge”, he stated during the intro session.

So, what kind of “fun” activities did we have in store for them? The programme was designed to touch upon the different aspects of the breeding, incubation and processing of turkeys. With several talks by industry specialists the guests were offered first-hand information on best practices in their branch.

Attendees got answers to various questions like: What are the current and future challenges of turkey breeding? What unique approach should we use for turkey incubation? What about first days’ mortality after placement? And which latest innovations in turkey incubation technology does Petersime offer? Clay Burrows from Aviagen Turkeys, Juan Lopez from Hendrix Genetics and Roger Banwell from Petersime explained all of it.

In between the talks, our guests had the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other hatchery managers who are familiar with the unique characteristics and needs of the turkey industry too. For a change of scenery, we alternated the speeches with a guided tour in the Petersime...

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