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5 Reasons Why Herbal Veterinary Care Is the Way to Go

5 Reasons Why Herbal Veterinary Care Is the Way to Go

The animal feed industry is at a crossroads of viable, sustainable care for livestock. Recently, Ayurveda and herbal doctrine have been gaining traction not just for its millennia-old track record, but also because of the shift in the industry’s growing concerns over quality. Here’s 5 reasons why anyone in the veterinary healthcare industry should consider going down the herbal route.

  1. It treats the cause, not symptom
    Unlike its synthetic counterparts, herbal supplements don’t just treat the symptom of an illness but targets its root cause, preventing a recurrence in the long run. Herbal supplements enhance the development of animals organically and reduce the risk of disease. Regular intake of natural supplements works towards preventing, rather than only curing an illness.
  2. Care over cure
    Herbal treatments that are 100% natural have no side effects on animals. Since they are natural, they are easily digested and assimilated by the body to start taking effect slowly, but surely. The point of introducing herbal supplements to animals is to make sure that their organs are healthy enough to withstand any diseases, rather than rushing to cure them when they fall prey to an illness.

  3. We are what we eat
    Veterinary healthcare is important as animals are a major source of proteins and other food products like milk and meat. When animals are fed unnatural synthetic and chemical substances to boost their growth, it is...

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Ashwani Choudhary

Ashwani Choudhary

Founder, CEO, Vetracare

The healing power of Mother Nature is not unknown and I believe that this boon should be extended to every living creature that is part of our ecosystem. I envision merging the power of nature and modern science to benefit the health of the beloved animals that enrich and sustain our lives. On behalf of the Vetracare team, I would like to assure all our stakeholders with a promise of a socially and environmentally responsible business.

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