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1T/H Wet Fish Feed Production Line Large Fish Feed Production Equipment

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional wet fish feed production line manufacturer, this article will introduce a large fish feed production line in detail.

Aquaculture is an important part of agriculture, for the vast number of farmers close to the waters, it is a realistic and feasible method to raise aquatic fish and shrimp to obtain economic benefits.


The type of fish feed has also undergone a process from raw to cooked, from shallow processing to deep processing. The original fish and shrimp are directly smashed, and the mature granules are fed to the present, and the current nutritional ratio is scientifically fed. In the whole evolution of the feed, the fishermen deeply understand the importance of the absorption of feed pellets for breeding, because the same species are fed with different feeds, the time for fish and shrimp to enter the market will be very different, and the fish taste is very different, so the economic benefits to the fishermen are completely different. Therefore, the types of feed generally accepted by fishermen are high-protein extruded feed pellets, high protein content, fast fish, good absorption, low waste of feed, and the fish excretion less damage to water quality, recycling, and development of ecology agriculture. It is a powerful tool and means for the development of sustainable fisheries.

Wet Fish Feed Production Line Introduction

The wet fish feed production line equipment adopts the international advanced twin-screw extrusion technology. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery designs and manufactures a fish feed extruder with strong equipment advantages. The machine uses a large gearbox to shift speed and runs very smoothly.


After the screw is lengthened, the material adaptability is more extensive. At the same time, because the material stays in the machine cavity for a long time, it can be better matured and mixed, and the screw speed is correspondingly accelerated, and the product quality is improved while the output is improved. With variable frequency speed regulation, it can achieve smooth running at low speed. Suitable for all kinds of snack foods, grain corn-soybean puffing, pet feed, aquatic feed, fox feed, abalone feed, etc. The raw materials are widely adaptable and belong to multifunctional large-scale expansion processing equipment.

Large Fish Feed Production Equipment Process

Raw material preparation→mixing powder→transporting→tempering→extruding→conveying→drying→screening→injection→flavoring→cooling→(packaging)

Large Fish Feed Production Equipment Configuration

Mixing machine→loading machine→tempering→extruding machine→winding machine→oven→vibrating screen→lifting machine→injector→drum seasoning→cooling machine→(packaging machine)

Large Fish Feed Production Equipment Components

1. Mixer. According to the different production of fish feed production line, different types of mixers are selected. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery offers a variety of models for you to choose.

2. Loading machine. The use of the motor as the power screw conveyor ensures that the feeding is convenient and quick, and reduces the secondary pollution caused by manual contact.

3. Fish Feed Extruder. According to the different production of fish feed production line, different types of fish feed extruder machine can use. The output can range from 100kg/h to 500kg/h, mainly using corn-flour, cereal flour, soybean meal, fish meal, shrimp powder, and crab powder can change different types of dying according to pellet size.

4. Lifting machine.

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