15,000 bph – Marel Poultry's proven solution

15,000 bph – Marel Poultry's proven solution

Unrivaled reliability at all-time high speed

Taking into account the fast growing and urbanizing world population, the production of poultry meat is expected to increase considerably. Processing plants need to intensify their operations to keep up with consumer demand. There is an unmistakable call for even higher processing capacities than today’s maximum of 13,500. Marel Poultry timely foresaw this trend and started developing solutions to handle a line speed of 15,000 birds per hour.

Marel Poultry is the world’s first supplier of integrated 15,000 bph lines. Dealing with such high speed, there is no other way than to have paramount reliability; if not, every minute of malfunctioning means 250 lost chickens! Therefore Marel Poultry has profoundly tried and tested its new 15,000 bph configuration before launching it at the market. After this long period of extensive research and development, it is labeled as a truly proven solution.


Keep control
All systems are set for a processing speed of 15,000 bph. From live bird handling with ATLAS and stunning with CAS SmoothFlow, via evisceration and chilling, up to the distribution line, every process step solidly handles this all-time high speed. Innova software runs in the background to supervise all fast processes plant-wide. The ATC tension control system keeps the powerful forces of the lines under control, while they move at an incredible speed. New LineLink transfer units seamlessly hand over products from one shackle type to another, while they travel through the processing stages. “To some people it may seem that a speed of 15,000 birds per hour would drive all components to extremes. On the contrary, I must say; they are operating at ease and perfectly capable of keeping up with the speed and control of...

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