Wholesale use and trade of activated carbon

⑴ Zinc chip ratio. Zinc chip ratio refers to the weight ratio of anhydrous zinc chloride to absolute raw wood chips. Zinc chip ratio has a decisive influence on the pore structure and adsorption properties of activated carbon. The pore structure of activated carbon is often adjusted by zinc chip ratio, which is the most important factor for the production of activated carbon by zinc chloride method. activated charcoal pellets wholesale

⑵ The influence of raw material types. As a result of different species, wood resin content and hardness and other properties are different, thus the chemical penetration ability of wood chips have differences. Fir chips are usually the best, pine chips the next, and hard and miscellaneous chips the worst.

⑶ The moisture content of raw materials. The moisture content of the sawdust affects the rate of chemical penetration into the sawdust particles, thus affecting the impregnation time. When the moisture content of sawdust is more than 30%, the impregnation...

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