VIV online: getting started

VIV online: getting started

VIV online is a new business initiative from VIV worldwide. It serves as an added dimension to the onsite trade events, by facilitating the sharing of content & knowledge and networking within the feed to food supply chain 24/7. Now that you have access to the closed beta version of VIV online, you can start building your online presence on this platform.


Create & complete your profile

We only need your name, company name, email address and job title to create a VIV online profile for you. Want to make it more personal? Then add a profile picture, contact details, social media links, professional specialties and some more information. When available, VIV online will present you relevant content based on the interests you choose in your profile. Want to do this later? Then simply adjust your profile by clicking on your name in the right hand corner of the screen and choose "Profile".


Create or join a company profile

Is your company new to VIV online? Then you can add a company profile. Want to look around first? No problem, you can still add a company profile later on. If your company already has a company profile, you can join that by choosing it from a drop-down list. 
Complete your company profile by adding a logo, header image, company video and a downloadable file. You can change these files at any moment you like. Fill in your company contact details and the segments in which your company is active, so that other users on VIV online can find you in those segments. See the VIV worldwide company profile as example. More functionalities will be added to the company profile in the upcoming months. These will be announced when they are ready.


Start sharing content

Posting articles online was never this easy. Just start...

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