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The benefits of on farm hatching

The benefits of on farm hatching

Healthy birds with a better feed conversion and higher slaughter weight. These and other advantages of “on farm hatching” are the result of early feeding in broiler growing. Bart Janssen has been using this system on his farm successfully for five years already.  

By Ad Bal

“We are convinced that on-farm hatching is an excellent way to grow broilers”, says Bart Janssen.  Together with his wife Ellly he owns and runs a broiler farm near the village of Zuidvelde, The Netherlands. Not a regular farm, but truly a full-size professional operation. Currently, Bart has capacity for 500.000 broilers, kept in 13 houses and in 2 ages.

The farm of Bart Janssen offers 500.000 bird places in 13 grower houses. All houses are equipped with the Vencomatic X-treck system

His parents started the farm with 10.000 birds only in the year 1975. Within 5 years, the operation expanded to a capacity of 90.000 birds and onwards to its current size.  Bart (age 42) joined the family owned operation in the year 2000 and moved on in further professionalizing the farm.

Not just because of the X-Treck system, the farm is not very regular. All of the poultry houses, as well as the living houses of Elly and Bart and his parents, are heated through an impressive wood burning system. For this purpose, his aim is to have a stock supply of 6.000 cubic meters of chopped wood at the end of winter. Not very common, but impressive.

Serious business
“In 2015 we invested in the first X-Treck on-farm hatching system from Vencomatic”, Bart continues. “We had closely followed the results of the earlier developed Patio system from Vencomatic. These results were positive in terms of bird performance and economic results. The X-Treck floor system is based on the same principle. When it was first introduced, we decided to install this in one of our houses. That turned out very positive, so we decided to fully switch to the X-Treck system in all of our houses.”

The newly born chick has immediate access to feed and water

“Of course, investing in such a system is serious business”, says Bart. “The investment is by around 7-8 percent higher compared to the traditional system. But return on investment is only 3 years. From then on, the reward is considerable. The great benefit of on-farm hatching is raising healthy birds from the moment of hatch. After all, the chicks then experience minimum stress. Moreover, they...

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