Synthesis of glycine iron and its effect on growth performance of Weanling Piglets

This experiment using glycine and ferrous sulphate as the main raw material for synthesis of glycine iron ,Then using synthetic glycine iron feeding weaning piglets to research its influence to weaning piglets growth performance, health and Fe content in the pigwaste.                                     

In order to study the effect of the growth performance of weanling piglets on basal diet addition 50ppm(including ferrous iron)iron-gly,72 weaned piglets are selected to be randomly divided into 3 groups,every group sets up 3 repetitions,and 8 piglets in each repetition. For experiment, there are contrast group I(basal diet including 100ppm inorganic iron),contrast group II(basal diet addition 50ppm inorganic iron) , test group(basal diet addition50ppm iron-gly). After experiment results shown, there are not significant differences in the...

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Posted in: Animal health
Juliet Zhu

Juliet Zhu

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