Pleasant temperatures in the rooms

Pleasant temperatures in the rooms

The Thomas® climate system has been successfully installed in the family Duppenthaler’s 9-room pig farm in the municipality of Melchnau, in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. The ventilation system for approximately 850 fattening pigs was installed by the firm JENNI Lüftungen AG from Ruswil.

The barn is equipped with a central Thomas® Climate for up to 12 rooms. This ensures that a perfect climate is generated for the pigs in the room. Thanks to a precise control, the ventilation is exceptionally good and the hygiene is perfect. This can be seen from the very high level of health of the animals and their good increase in weight.

Despite the sometimes very cold and rainy days at the beginning of winter, the pigs started out very well in Simon Duppenthaler’s new barn. From the moment the barn is half full, no further heating costs are incurred. Thanks to the air duct under the floor and the specially designed air supply system, the...

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