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Natural and Complete solution for multiple mycotoxin management and growth promotion in Poultry

“The effect of the mycotoxins are diverse; varying from immune suppression”

All poultry species are affected by mycotoxins, so it is vital that commercial producers regularly assess and mitigate the threat to their production units. The effect of the mycotoxins are diverse; varying from immune suppression, inhibition of the absorption of vital nutrients, reduced productivity and even death. Management of mycotoxins is a broad term but most of the solutions available in the market are mainly concentrating on toxin binding and prevention of absorption of toxin from the gut. It is difficult to find any solution, which works beyond intestinal level.

          Thanks to Ayurvet limited for its Vilocym Z, which is a complete solution for mycotoxin management. It is a unique herbomineral toxin binder with activated HSCAS, MOS, PVP, buffered organic acids and herbal constituents. Vilocym Z acts at four different levels to guard the bird from the ill effect of pathogenic molds and mycotoxins.

  1. At feed level, acetic acid, propionic acid and copper sulphate act as antifungal and mold inhibitor and prevent the toxic mold/fungus to release toxins.
  2. At intestinal level activated HSCAS, MOS, and PVP irreversibly binds with mycotoxins and prevent its absorption form the gut. MOS and PVP works as gut function modulator and growth promoter. Organic acids reduce the gut pH.
  3. At organ level (liver) active constituents of perfectly blend herbal extracts acts on hepatic enzyme ( like MFO, C P450 etc.) to reduce active metabolism of mycotoxins and on the other side support the liver and helps in conversion of toxic metabolites into less toxic,...

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