Loose Housing with no reduction in result

Loose Housing with no reduction in result

The WellFarrowing farrowing crate of Nooyen Pig Flooring is setting the trend in the loose housing farrowing crate market. Due to the presence of a balance system, Nooyen's WellFarrowing farrowing crate is the only loose housing farrowing crate that achieves the same technical results as a conventional farrowing crate.

Built-in Balance floor The new WellFarrowing farrowing crate provides more animal welfare and a higher efficiency. With the built-in revolutionary Balance floor, the survival rate of newborn piglets is maximised and piglet mortality is a thing of the past. Only after the sow lies down, the height difference disappears and piglets can drink safely and undisturbed from their mother.

Hygiene and living comfort WellFarrowing also proves that hygiene and living comfort can go hand in hand. Sows can move freely on a soft-coated steel slat. Because the special coating is somewhat compressible, sows have sufficient grip. With an opening of more than 50 percent, the manure drain is optimal and the hygiene assured. Moreover,...

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