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How to Increase Efficiencies and Open Up Opportunities

How to Increase Efficiencies and Open Up Opportunities

Image Holdings Limited is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company. Established in 1982, it is the market leader in quality nutritional Animal Feed solutions in New Zealand and has widened its reach to supplying the Pacific Basin and South East Asia. It offers formulations for nutritional, medicinal and agricultural applications, providing Contract Manufacturing, designing custom blends and least cost nutritional formulations. With GMP compliance certification they also manufacture a range of veterinary medicine preparations.

Andy Murray, MD states their business goal as “implementing and achieving continuously improved manufacturing practice to stay competitive and be a leader in the Animal Feed industry”. Day-to-day Image Holdings Limited face a number of challenges in their market:

1. Producing a quality product every time

2. The risk of contamination

3. Poor product flow

4. Pressure to reduce manufacturing costs

The right solution

An agile Matcon system helped improve production capacity and increase profitability.

In September 2012 Deane Murray, Technical Business Manager was planning to build a new manufacturing facility for production start-up in February 2013. After talking to Matcon and understanding how our Lean Manufacturing philosophy is the key to flexible manufacturing, he began working in collaboration with us to install an IBC system. The system supplied was very simple, consisting of using IBCs to fill and empty two existing fixed mixers then transport the blended batch to 3 packing machines and 2 Matcon Powder Packers.

Due to the modular design, the system was easily expanded in March 2014 to include filling IBCs from Big Bags, with a further mixing line utilising IBCs for filling and emptying the mixer. Further expansion is still possible and future plans include automating ingredient batch-formulation.

The benefits


Using IBCs to fill and empty the fixed mixers significantly reduces the bottlenecks when compared to sack tipping directly into the mixer or packing straight from the mixer, which had been generating a significant amount of waiting time. Now IBCs are filled with all the batch ingredients off-line and are placed above the mixers ready to instantly discharge their contents upon request. Likewise, at the emptying stage, the IBCs can be quickly filled with the blended batch and sent to whichever of the packing lines is ready.

With this ‘parallel...

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Joel Low

Joel Low

Regional Sales Manager, MATCON Limited

Matcon IBC Systems help customers innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Our Cone Valve technology means that no matter what you might want to manufacture in the future, you will have the ability to handle the ingredients and recipes effectively – a future-proof solution! We work in partnership with you to create the right system design to fulfill your business needs.

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