How a feed mill increased productivity...

How a feed mill increased productivity...

How a feed mill increased production and saved money.

 A manufacturer of dairy feed pellets in Finland integrated a Holmen NHP300 pellet durability tester into their production line. The inline durability tester automatically collects samples with an in-line sampler and tests the pellets after the pellet press, before the cooler. Testing at this point of the process enabled the manufacturer to make adjustments to the process early if the PDI is not right, potentially saving time, energy and wastage. 

The mill was batch testing every 9 tonnes and were producing 9 tonnes of pellets every hour with a PDI of 96... 

The mills’ target PDI was 92-96, based on the pellet quality...

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Tyrone Moy

Tyrone Moy

Sales & Marketing Executive, TEKPRO Ltd

I'm Tyrone, The Sales and Marketing Executive for TekPro Ltd. Exclusive Manufacturers of the Internationally recognized "Holmen" Range of Pellet Durability Testers, as well as manufacturers of "Samplex" Bulk Truck Samplers, and "Insectomat" Insect detection devices. We have a large network of distributors all around the world, eager to help you discover the benefits of using Holmen equipment - recognized as the most advanced and consistent method of testing and recording pellet durability available today.

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