Electromagnetic Frequencies: From Tesla To Farmers

Electromagnetic Frequencies: From Tesla To Farmers

Do you find it hard to believe that electromagnetic frequencies improve your animal’s health and performance? That frequencies and wavelengths have a direct link to animal nutrition? Most diet formulators do. In truth, very few know that for over 100 years there has been an ongoing research on the link between electromagnetic field and biological functions of a living organism. Here is how one discovery led to another and why Ceresco Nutrition decided to fully dedicate itself to animal nutrition.


The first discovery was made in 1891, when the famous electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla, following his invention of “tesla coil”, carried out several experiments demonstrating the harmlessness of alternate currents on the human body. By using his own body as a conductor, he discovered that a high frequency current did not penetrate the body, but circulated on the periphery (skin effect) while warming up the body. Tesla then experimented on the therapeutic nature of this warming effect known today as diathermy. Later in the century, George Lakhovsky used Tesla’s discovery to build a Multi Wave Oscillator and documented the effect of electromagnetic field on plant cells. His “Geranium experiment”, which lasted from 1924 to 1930, showed that certain frequencies were able to treat cancerous cells of a sick plant; cells were regenerating when exposed to an electromagnetic field. Closer to our days, further research was continued by Moore et al. (1979) who demonstrated that the growth of all microorganisms can be altered by a magnetic field. The response could be of either stimulation or inhibition depending on the strength and frequency of the magnetic field used. More revelations came in 1981 when Professor Fritz-Albert Popp demonstrated that the DNA, and any biological system for that matter, emitted photons (biophotons).


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