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DESRUTM® Coated Urea


A Top Nitrogen Source for Ruminants

Urea, a non-protein nitrogen(NPN), can be synthesized into microbial proteins for utilization by rumen microorganisms, It is the main NPN source widely used in ruminant diets in the world. However, there are still concerns regarding its use due to rapid release of ammonia (NH3–N), faster than it being used for protein synthesis.  A fast release of nitrogen may cause an asynchrony of NH3–N and energy in the ruminal environment. As a consequence, excessive NH3–N can decrease animal performance and, in some cases, cause ammonia toxicity. 
DESRU (Coated Urea) is a product specially developed and produced for the ruminants with film slow-release technology. DESRU improves the synchrony of energy and NH3–N in the rumen, leading to a higher efficiency of ruminal bacteria growth. DESRU maintains the delicate pH balance in rumen and avoid ammonia poisoning. 

Urea (protein equivalent  256g )



Provide enriched nitrogen source for ruminant 
Improve rumen efficiency and promote feed conversion
Increase microbial protein synthesis 
Promote the digestion of fiber and the use of roughage 
Reduce feed costs per unit of milk

1---Used as a pH stabilizer
   Maintain rumen...

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