Animal safety - certified floor systems

Animal safety - certified floor systems

Quality is the number one priority with Nooyen. Many years of experience in the field of slatted floor systems enables Nooyen to continually improve its product range. This is an important condition to be able to optimally anticipate the requirements of pig farmers.

Tri-Bar slatted floors from our factory have a durable life due to the use of high resistant steel instead of standard reinforcing steel (FeB 500). The high resistant steel is a high quality alloy with a high nickel, chromium and copper content and other specific amounts of material. The quality of these Tri-Bar floors exceed the NEN-EN-ISO 1461 standards.

Tri-Cast iron floors are made of a qualitatively excellent casting mixture: Ductile casting (EN-GJS-400-15). Our Tri-Cast can withstand a 5 % bend without any problems.

Super Coated floors of Nooyen are continuously monitored during the production process. Prior to and...

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