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Your Powder Handling Problems Solved

Your Powder Handling Problems Solved

Different powders and manufacturing processes can present an array of powder handling problems. Whether it's hard to handle 'sticky' materials or your powder is segregating when it is discharged, our new online resource is designed to solve all of your issues.

A New Online Resource

Our experienced team of powder handling experts have over 35 years’ experience, working across a range of industries. Our aim has always been to develop and provide flexible manufacturing systems. Over the years, we have come across a number of customer problems caused by hard to handle powders. Whether you’re using hazardous powders or sticky materials, our team have always found new ways to safely and efficiently process powder-based materials.

To help you identify and solve some of the most common powder handling problems, we have launched a new online resource. Whether you are suffering from rat holingsegregation, losing valuable ingredients due to poor discharge, to name a few, this resource will continue to be updated to cover the majority of your powder processing problems.

Why Build a Powder Problems Resource?

Due to the significant number of enquiries we receive from manufacturers, large and small and from a variety of industries, the need to provide advice and tips to all became apparent.

Also, if things just don’t seem right, your powders won’t flow consistently, or you’d just like to reduce your production times there’s nowhere for manufacturers to go for quick, easy answers. How easy would it be to go online and find your solution within seconds?

In certain cases, you may need to identify an unknown issue associated with hard to handle powders in which case our engineers love nothing more than a challenge. Furthermore, if you would like to add a powder handling challenge into our resource that you believe would benefit others then please get in touch.

Matcon’s Testing Facilities

Although we cover a vast array of powder handling issues there may be some further challenges that you will need us to advise you on. When further investigation is necessary to identify specific issues, you could use one...

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Joel Low

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