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Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturer

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional wood pellet machine manufacturer, the wood pellet machine price is reasonable, and is welcomed by all over the world customers,  this article we will introduce this machine in detail.

Why Choose Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine is biomass new energy equipment, is wood pellets production equipment. Taking eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit, bamboo chips and crop straw as raw materials, the finished wood pellets are made by crushing, drying, screening, pelleting, cooling and packaging.


Its finished products are used in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment, etc. The raw material of wood pellet machine is some waste materials in daily production. The reuse of resources is realized through processing.

Development Prospect Of Wood Pellet Machine

Nowadays, the emergence of solar energy and photovoltaic energy is mainly to alleviate the current energy shortage. Because in the continuous development, it needs to use a lot of energy, so once the energy problem, it will directly affect people's real life, affect the development of the whole society. However, many people do not know is, now the emergence of the wood pellet machine, also became a good equipment, can generate new energy for people. This wood pellet making  machine, is a kind of biomass pretreatment equipment, mainly is like some sawdust .

Performance Characteristics Of Wood Pellet Machine

The main engine of the wood pellet machine is driven by high-precision gear, the ring die is of quick-release type, and the feeding is of frequency conversion and speed regulation to ensure even feeding.


The new generation of wood sawdust making machine adopts the international advanced manufacturing technology, which can customize the high quality dies for various raw materials, extending the service life of the equipment, improving the product quality and reducing the consumption cost.

Advantages Of Wood Pellet Machine

The wood pellet machine adopts the screw center pressure regulating mechanism, the gap of the die can adjust, suitable for different materials, to ensure the...

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Amy Yan

Amy Yan

Sales Manager, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional fish & animal feed pellet machinery and wood pellet machinery manufacturer. We have our own engineer and sales team to provide best machines and services to our customers worldwide.

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