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Why Compound Poultry Feed Pellets for Poultry Farming?

What is Compound Poultry Feed Pellets?

The compound poultry feed pellets is made up of various feed ingredients according to poultry's nutritional needs and feeding characteristics. The proportion of all kinds of feed ingredients determined is poultry feed formula. In order to design the formula for poultry feed, it is necessary to study the principle of poultry nutrition, determine the nutritional requirements of poultry (feeding standards), study the characteristics of poultry feed raw materials, determine the nutritional value of all kinds of feed, and consider the status of feed resources, the price and the possibility of stable production. The purpose of poultry feed formula design is to rationally choose raw materials with good nutrition and low cost, and to produce high quality compound feed scientifically so as to carry out the cultivation and obtain the greatest economic benefit.


Why Compound Poultry Feed Pellets?

Poultry feed is divided according to its shape, including pellets, powders, pellets and scraps. Pellets are grains that retain their original shape or that are processed and broken. Powder refers to the powdered condiment which is mixed with glutinous rice, fish meal, mineral powder and various additives after grain milling. The nutrition of the powder is perfect and the chicken is not easy to picky. However, the powder...

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