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Why Choose Floating Fish Feed Machine

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed pellet machine manufacturer, the main sources of feed in aquaculture are natural bait and artificial compound feed, artificial compound feed is processed by floating fish feed machine. The reasonable and scientific combination of these feeds to feed fish can effectively promote the growth of fish. This article we will introduce the methods of selecting feeds for aquaculture in detail.


Selection Of Aquatic Feeds

In terms of shape, it can be divided into powder feed, soft pellet feed, hard pellet feed and floating feed pellets. From the use, there are carp material, shrimp material, turtle material, etc. If you raise crucian carp, you must use crucian carp material, can't use other material instead. Fusmar Machinery manufactured floating fish feed machine can process various types of fish feed pellets.

How Do Aquiculture Farmer Choose Feed

Appearance selection. The quality can judge from the appearance of the feed, and the quality can also recognize from the smell of the feed. From the smell to identify the good feed, especially aquatic feed, due to the use of some fish meal, generally, have a very normal fishy smell. If it's a poor diet, because it uses some substitutes for fish meal, it may have a less fishy taste, or not at all. In addition, the bad feed may have a musty smell, which is actually the smell produced by the oxidation of fat. This kind of feed should not be fed, because once it is fed, it may cause the large area death of fish.


Stability selection. When buying aquatic product feed, might as well take a bit less, put in water immerse period of time, see its stability in water, through stability also can see the stand or fall of feed.

Reputation selection. To choose a good credit of feed products, large enterprises, they have more capital and strong technical force, can ensure the production of feed nutrition balanced, scientific formula, and can be targeted, such as carp designed specifically for feed, is specially designed for grass carp feed, such a highly specific.

Packaging options. When buying aquatic feed, don't ignore the labels on the feed packaging. The feed label is usually in the top left corner of the feed package, indicating the product name, nutritional ingredients, production period, shelf life and other important contents, especially the instructions. So read it carefully before you buy.

Pellet size selection. Special...

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