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Why Choose Feed Pellets For Your Poultry

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet mill manufacturer, this article will introduce why choose feed pellets for poultry in detail.

Why Choose Feed Pellets

Different types of feed have different feeding effects. In general, the feeding effect of pellet feed is better than that of dry powder, because the pellet feed is ripened and granulated, which is easier to digest, has good palatability and large feed intake. The dry powder has poor palatability and large dust, which is easy to cause respiratory diseases. However, the processing cost of pellet feed is high and the unit price of feed will be higher. Different sizes of poultry are suitable for different feed pellet sizes. In the case of economic conditions or processing conditions not allowed, dry powder can use. Preferably mixed with water to form a wet mix to improve palatability, increase feed intake, reduce dust and respiratory diseases. The time of soaking the feed when feeding the wet mix should not too long, otherwise, the vitamin is susceptible to damage. In the summer, we must also pay attention to prevent the loss of feed.


How To Choose Feed Pellet Mil

The grass powder in the feed ingredients accounts for a large proportion and the output is small. It is generally recommended to use a flat die pellet mill. If the output is large, the ring die pellet mill can use in combination with the feeder. Because the content of grass powder is too much, the weight of the whole material is light, and the feeding angle of the ring die pellet machine is small, which will affect the feed rate. Coupled with the forced feeder, pushing the feed, the effect will much better. In addition, the ring die pellet machine contains the scraper plate device, the materials caused this device effectively prevents the blockage phenomenon. The flat die pellet machine is more suitable for small-volume granulation, which is more convenient to operate and the feed port is relatively larger.


When making concentrates, or when grass powder is less. For example, when making pig feed, chicken feed or full-price material, the ring die pellet machine generally uses. Of course, the output is small, and the flat die pellet machine can use. Since the sealability of the ring die pellet machine is better than that of the flat die pellet machine, a large amount of dust not generated during the granulation process. Moreover, the degree of ripening of the ring die pellet machine will higher than that of the flat die pellet...

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