What is the function of veterinary lysine?

Feed-grade  L-Lysine hydrochloride  is an amino acid with a wide range of uses. It is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the animal body but must be directly absorbed from the feed. It is one of the eight essential amino acids for animals. The most important one, so it is also called "the first limiting amino acid".  


what is the function of lysine ?, is it acidic or basic

Pig feed: The protein level of the feed can be appropriately reduced, which is conducive to the conversion of protein into muscle protein by pigs, thereby increasing the lean meat rate of the carcass. At the same time, lysine and arginine have antagonistic effects, and the ratio of the two can be increased when the ratio is appropriate. Pig performance. 2. Fish feed: Plant protein contains less phosphorus than fish meal. Adding lysine to plant feed can replace fish meal and reduce phosphorus emissions. 3. Other functions: Participate in the biochemical reactions and physiological functions of livestock, so that other amino acids can be fully utilized.

1. What is the role of veterinary  L-Lysine HCl

The role of veterinary lysine varies depending on the object of use. Taking pig feed and fish feed as an example, its role is as follows:

1. Pig feed

(1) The protein content of the feed can be appropriately reduced, which is conducive to the conversion of protein in the pig into muscle protein, thereby increasing the lean meat rate and slaughter rate of the carcass.

(2) Lysine and arginine have antagonistic effects. When the ratio of the two is appropriate (the dosage of lysine cannot be higher than 20% of arginine), the production performance of pigs can be improved.

2.  Fish feed

Lysine is an essential limiting amino acid for fish. Adding it to plant feed can not only replace fish meal, but also reduce phosphorus emissions (the content of phosphorus in vegetable protein is less than that of fish meal) and reduce pollution.

3. Other functions

Amino acids can participate in the biochemical...

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