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What Is Animal Feed Pellets Animal Feed Mill On Sale

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed mill manufacturer, this article we will introduce animal feeds in detail.

What Is Animal Feed Pellets

Feed pellet means that the feed is crushed and pressed into a granular feed of varying diameters by a special compression molding. The feed pellet making machine produced by Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has better performance in pelletized feed. The raw material composition of the pellet feed can divide into a concentrate feed pellet, a mixture pellet, a coarse pellet, etc. More used are the mixture pellets and the coarse pellets.


The mixed pellets are weighed in proportion to energy feed, bran feed, protein feed, additives, etc., and are thoroughly stirred and mixed uniformly, and then pressed into pellets. The coarse pellets crush the roughage (such as corn mash) into pellets, and the pellets are pressed without the binder. Large pellets (blocky) coarse material (made from hay flour) has unique advantages in pastoral areas, commonly known as beef biscuit feed.

Shaped Animal Feed Pellets

The pellet feed refers to a pelletized feed obtained by pressing the processed powdery compound feed through a poultry feed production machines. Compared to powdered feed, pellet feed has many advantages, summed up in five ways:


1. It is convenient for storage, packaging and transportation. After the feed is formed, the pellet feed is reduced by about 1/3 than the powder feed, which is convenient for storage, packaging and transportation. During storage, the powder feed is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, and the pellets are granulated. The feed has good dispersibility, low hygroscopicity and high storage stability, automatic classification is avoided during the transportation of the finished product, the loss of dust and trace components is reduced during the packaging process.

2. Sterilization. During the granulation process, certain toxic substances or inhibitors (such as trypsin inhibitor, hemagglutinin, etc.) in the feed are destroyed by heat. At the same time, 90% of Salmonella can be killed.

3. Improve the palatability of livestock and poultry, increase feed intake due to the high density of pellet feed, volume reduction, high nutrient concentration, so that the animal's feed intake also increased accordingly.

4. Easy to digest and absorb, improve feed utilization through granulation, improve the physical and chemical properties of certain nutrients in the feed, improve feed utilization, and improve nutrient utilization.

5. Prevent livestock and poultry picky eaters, reduce feed waste due to the uniform size of the pellet feed, comprehensive nutrition, thus ensuring the integrity and full price of the feed components, avoiding the selection of feed for livestock and poultry according to their palatability. Reducing to the air, water loss caused by flying dust everywhere. Moreover, the pellet feed is easy to identify, and the pellet feed size of piglets, growing pigs, and finishing pigs is small to large.

Production Of Animal Feed Pellets

In the animal feed production process, under the combined action of water, heat and pressure, the starch is gelatinized and cracked, and the structure of cellulose and fat is changed, which...

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