What defines a Real Chelate

Chelation is the ultimate chemical process, in feed additives production, to obtain organic trace minerals. Compared to the non organic ones, the chelates present an incredibly high absorption ratio in the first tract of the animals gut (around 90/95%), this means a significant reduction of mineral excretion in manure, less pollution and a reduced environmental impact.

The high absorption ratio of chelates can also translate into significant advantages for the animal’s health and growth. Such as:

-Immune system improvement -Mortality decreasing -Better fertility -Stress decreasing -Bone formation improvement -Gut problems prevention -Microbiota balance optimization

But are chelates all the same? What defines a real chelate? Let’s find it out

The chelation process occurs when mineral molecules...

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Sonia Braga

Sonia Braga

General Manager, Società San Marco srl

Società San Marco/Italy is one of the first organic trace mineral producers all over the world. Our "full ring" real chelate technology grants unique chemical structure for more stable and more bio-available mineral solutions for animal wellbeing. Società San Marco produces both MHA methionates and glycinates, both powder and liquid form, blends and synergistic feed additives including chelates and phytogenic extracts. We will be pleased to welcome you in our booth !!

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