What Can Feed Enterprises Learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed severe threats to the whole society and people’s daily life. Obviously, the neglect of initial protection is a main reason for the pandemic situation. After the pandemic many of our habits will be retained such as regular hand washing and necessary mask protection. The pandemic has also brought new enlightenment to feed enterprises: good feed processing technology is just like effective protection and disinfection measures. Preventing the growth of germs and killing the viruses thoroughly from the source are effective ways to guarantee the quality of feed.

ZHENG CHANG Expanding Processing Technology provides a better solution for feed enterprises.

01 Design: innovations for the processing technology
During expanding process, with fully conditioning, high temperature and humidity, and special spiral strong extrusion and shearing action, short-time and medium-temperature (90-130℃) conditions can be formed to fully expand the materials, kill harmful microorganisms and destroy or passivate the anti-nutritional factors in raw materials, bind the materials into slices or lumps.


ZHENG CHANG, as the pioneer of green and safe "Expanding Technology", has made remarkable achievements with continuous research, experiment and improvement since 2003, and won the 2010 Major Technology Progress Project Award in China Feed Industry.

02 Manufacturing: strict standard for equipment and technology

ZHENG CHANG has always persisted in selecting the best materials to build equipment.
ZHENG CHANG expander uses high-quality gears with service life over 30000h and special heat treatment technology on their surface. The performance of the parts like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, etc. can be controlled according to the plant conditions to effectively improve the service life of gears and enable more reliable transmission system.


ZHENG CHANG piglet feed expander

ZHENG CHANG customizes expanded feed project for enterprises with the most...

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