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What affects the output of feed pellets?

Small pellet mills can be used to make feed pellets. Feed pellets can be mad of grains, cereals, beans, corns, whey powder, oil and additives. Owing to different properties of raw materials, the feed pellets output is different. It is influenced by the oil, crude fiber, moisture, starch content.


Adding oil

Add a small amount of oil (0.5%~1%) to the raw materials. The oil can reduce the wear of pellet mill parts, and make the raw materials easier to pass through the die holes, so as to increase the output of pellets.

But when added with more than 2% oil, the raw materials will be loose and difficult to form. Therefore, if you want to add high dose of oil, you’d better add 30% of it in the mixing process and 70% in the pelletizing process.

Crude fibers in the raw materials

When the crude fiber content in the raw materials is between 3% and 5%, it will contribute the bonding of raw materials, increase the forming rate, and reduce the breaking rate of...

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