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Wet Fish Feed Machine

Wet Fish Feed Machine Introduction
Wet fish feed machine work with the boiler, the boiler continously can supply hot steam to the fish feed machine extrusion part. The machine can produce different sizes pellets, from 0.9mm-1.5mm, for fish,shrimps,lobsters,crabs. This machine adopts the steam adoption and has large capacity and quality. It’s the perfect choice for middle and large aquaculture farm or fish feed pellets processing plant. 

Wet Fish Feed Machine Applications
1. It has high capcity and is suitable for the large aquaculture farm or fish feed pellets processing plant.
2. It’s suitable for making the pellets of fish,shrmps, lobsters, crabs.
3. It’s also used to produce the pet food, like cats food and dog food.
4. This machine can produce the floating fish feed pellets and shrinking fish feed pellets.
5. The material can be corn,soybean meal,wheat bran,rice bran,fish meal,etc. 

Wet Fish Feed Machine Features
1. High capacity and low consumption, flour material can be processed to improve the pellet quality and efficiency.
2. Adavance the frequency control system, with this system, it can produce different sizes...

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