Unleash the potential in your Manufacturing Line - change how you blend

Unleash the potential in your Manufacturing Line - change how you blend

It’s the eternal question for production managers: How to improve production efficiency and effectiveness.

With more and more product lines being launched, food and pharma manufacturers strive to maintain efficient and effective production practices despite more small batch size requests and tightening allergen regulations.

You might have spent weeks reviewing and tweaking your processes, but it’s difficult to know how to get the best ROI.

By moving from a fixed mixer to in-bin technology like Matcon’s Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), you can create a more agile, adaptable production facility, giving you the edge on your competitors.


Here are just three of the ways the Matcon powder IBCs can give your production lines more flexibility.

Increased Blending Capacity

In traditional fixed mixer lines, mixers and the coupled formulation and packing equipment remains idle while the mixer is  being filled or cleaned. We know that downtime is lost production opportunity, and our Matcon in-bin blending helps work around this.

Our powder Intermediate Bulk Containers are designed to be filled off-line and then become the blending vessel itself. This translates into a whole host of additional production benefits:

  • Ability to run multiple processes concurrently. One IBC can be blending while the next is being filled. There’s no need for mixing to stop while you’re setting up, filling and emptying as with a fixed mixing system.
  • Immediate changeovers. The inside of the IBC is the only product contact point, meaning the only changeover required is replacing the IBC. Time-consuming clean downs of the mixer after each batch are a thing of the past.
  • Better small batch capability. With no more lengthy changeovers, it’s easy to run small batches for your customer to help develop their next great product.

Better Product Quality

Developed to help you make a consistent, quality product, batch after batch, our powder Intermediate Bulk Containers are:

  • Designed with smooth internal surfaces which promote good mixing with traditionally difficult ingredients.
  • Closed containers which means there...

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Joel Low

Joel Low

Regional Sales Manager, MATCON Limited

Matcon IBC Systems help customers innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Our Cone Valve technology means that no matter what you might want to manufacture in the future, you will have the ability to handle the ingredients and recipes effectively – a future-proof solution! We work in partnership with you to create the right system design to fulfill your business needs.

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