ULTRASONIC SYSTEM FOR HUMIDITY CONTROL ​compatible with all incubators​

The humidifier you have been waiting for


The patented NEBULA® system can control humidity so that the set value is attained and kept constant, without producing wide, long-lasting and unwanted fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the incubation. 

In fact, thanks to its continuous variable system, NEBULA® supplies energy to the water by means of an ultrasound generator, producing microscopic droplets (fog effect). The supplied hose conveys the droplets to the incubator. Getting in contact with the heat, the droplets instantly evaporate creating humidity that the fan in the incubator homogenises. Moreover, the functioning of NEBULA® is not affected by the surrounding area conditions*.

* The incubator that goes with NEBULA® has to be placed in a house or in a temperate room

NEBULA is a terrific product because it nebulizes without ever stopping and it adjusts its intensity according to the selected value.


  • User friendly
  • Reliable 
  • Accurate in measurement 
  • Quickly reach the desired humidity level
  • Stable and consistent humidity and temperature
  • Compatible with all incubators, not only with the ET series
  • Does not submerge the eggs with water
  • Keeps the incubator base clean
  • No part subject to wear, contrary to the...

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